Create a culture of “Reading to Learn” for children by providing an incentive based structure to under performing elementary schools to help establish a foundation for academic success. 


Provide tutelage and incentives to increase literacy rates of youth regardless of their race, economic status, or intellectual capabilities. Present academic support in a manner that will foster confidence in reading, promote dignity, and self-respect.

Beyond the Basics: Purpose

From second to fifth grade, children go through a critical transformation as readers. Most beginning second graders are able to decode, to recognize key sight words, to comprehend simple texts, and to read with some degree of fluency. While decoding skills may develop in a fairly step-by-step progression, the skills mastered in the upper elementary grades emerge as children read in many genres and learn how to make sense of what they read a less straightforward process. Stage theorists point out that the upper elementary years are when children transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”

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Program Benefits for Students

- Provides quick, significant, and permanent improvement
- Transforms poor readers to excellent readers
- Builds positive self-esteem and confidence
- Establishes a solid foundation for academic success
- Improve comprehension
- Build long-word decoding skills
- Read more fluently and rapidly
- Become a strong, enthusiastic reader

Our Kids read over 3750+ documented books in 2015-2018

Program Benefits for the School

- Primary students are successful from the beginning
- Staff receive an effective tool to help students succeed
- Parents are delighted with noticeable results for their children
- Administrators can meet Federal guidelines for Annual Progress
- At-risk students benefit from closing achievement gaps

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